This group is led by both Prof. Ikeda and Dr. Phuangsuwan. When people get older, their eyes normally get cataract. Crystalline lenses get frosted and glare because the environment light becomes serious. When they drive cars and approach a tunnel objects inside the tunnel become very hard to recognize because of scattering light coming from outdoor environment into the eyes. How difficult to recognize color of objects in the tunnel should be investigated to increase the QOL of elderly people.  In an experimental room to simulate a tunnel s subject wears cataract experiencing goggles and approaches a tunnel on a moving cart and measure the distance how close she should come to the tunnel in order to perceive color of a target placed in the tunnel correctly.
Skin color decides how beautiful the face appears and it is important to make data base of Thai skin color. We measure color of lips and skin with a colorimeter and with a skin color scale.

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