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Asia Student Workshop 2021(ASW2021)

Asia Student Workshop 2021(ASW2021) On 15 –19 March 2021, Asia Student Workshop on Image Science 2021 or ASW 2021 was organized as an online activity.Color Research Center sent 7 students participated this program as following. Undergraduate students Graduate students Miss Kanyanee Sirirattanakun Miss Janejira Mepean Mr. Arnon Khamwong Miss Natticha Pattarasoponkun Mr. Mr. Sucaht Khanlun …

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International Symposium on Asia Student Workshop 2021 (ASW2021) 

International Symposium on Asia Student Workshop 2021 (ASW2021)     On 15 March 2021 at 8:00 am, Asia Student Workshop 2021 (online) is begun by the International Symposium. There are more 60 people in many universities in countries participated in the event. And there are 10 topics presented.  In this event, Prof. Mitsuo Ikeda was invited …

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Venue Survey of AIC2023

Venue Survey of AIC2023 A group of Color Research Center (five staffs) and Dr. Pichayada Katmate, a staff of Chulalongkorn University and the president of Color Society of Thailand visited Chaing Rai to survey a proper venue of AIC2023. They visited a couple of hotels to see if they have proper rooms for the open …

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