It is said that Isac Newton wrote “Rays are not coloured”. Indeed, it is the human visual system that changes rays to colors. Many animals surrounding us such as dogs, cows, and horses can not change rays to colors but we human being can do because of our visual system. By this system we can enjoy color of lotus and color of trees in Autumn. We use colors in our life at every instance. Green, yellow, and red are color codes for go, wait, and stop at a crossing. Products are designed with colors to attract consumers. We can know the best time to give fertilizer to rice plant by color of the leaves. To improve further the use of color and to introduce new use of color we need to know how we perceive color, how we feel for color, and how we measure color. This is why the Color Research Center CRC was established. The CRC was formally established in August of 2013 in Faculty of Mass Communication Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand, 46 kilometers north of Bangkok. We intend to promote color science and its application in this country and also to join to and to cooperate with color scientists in the world. So, what do we do? We contribute to academic circles in the field of science, engineering, and design through our research on color. We take a part in the advanced education in the university. We serve to the society and industries of this country by applying the research achievements.