Invited talks at the symposium “Cultural and individual differences in color lexicon” held on 14 and 15 March at Research Institute of Electrical Communication,Tohoku University, Japan

Dr. Chanprapha Phuangsuwan, the director of CRC and Prof. Mitsuo Ikeda were invited by the world famous institute, Research Institute of Electrical Communication of Tohoku University to talk at the symposium on Cultural and individual differences in color lexicon  on ”Demonstration of the chromtic adaptation on a 2D picture as for a real space by D-up technique” and “Space recognition for the chromatic adaptation”, respectively. Prior to the symposium they visited Dr. Rumi Tokunaga at Chiba University to discuss about the future joint research on the color naming. A more detailed discussion was made after the symposium with Dr. Ichiro Kuriki of RIEC. The experiment will start whenever the experimental apparatus becomes available in CRC.