Dr. Vichai Payackso

The world is moving forward to the information technology generation which the digital technology is able to support the progress of various media such as printed media, television, videos, photographs and electronic media. Color is an important element to improve those media’s quality. Meanwhile, color is important to human lives as we live in the world of color. In vision and brain perception of human, color absolutely is an identifier of both living and non-living things. Even in the process of product manufacture, color is used as an indicator of emotion and feeling to customer in the psychology perspective. The Faculty of Mass Communication Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), which has a complete loop of learning management system, has realized the importance of color in media production technology. We, therefore, have established a master degree program in Mass Communication Technology and a doctoral program in Color Science and Human Vision in order to support the country’s demand for researchers. We emphasize color research based on human vision. The color research center, thus, is substantially founded to support our teaching, research, and development. Thailand has lacked a color research center (CRC) with a complete set of high performance equipment and has lacked high level research to support our living society unlike many developed countries. RMUTT then provided a budget to launch this color research center in order to be a place where domestic and foreign researchers can exchange their knowledge and experience color research. This will help them to build an international research network that can improve the university’s reputation and also the CRC research will benefit for industry and country development at the end. We are convinced that the CRC will achieve the university’s expectation as the center is composed of experts with high level of research experience and ability.